"Hiring Duncan Morrison to coordinate the communications around the 2015 Canadian Ultimate Championship was a great decision . The service provided was above and beyond what we expected and Duncan and Brett were friendly and easy to work with. They were a huge part of the marketing, publicity and the success of the event" - Michelle Johnson; co-chair 2015 Canadian Ultimate Championship Winnipeg


Duncan is a highly competent and creative marketing and communications expert. The strong leadership and professional advice that Duncan provided to me and others while CEO of Ducks Unlimited Canada was invaluable.
— Gord Edwards; Executive Director at Alberta Water Council
Working with Duncan on our program’s strategic plan and communications strategy was a pleasure. Duncan honed in on the key issues and ideas that drive our program, and gave solid recommendations for key messaging as well as how and when to reach out to our target audiences. His work reflects his experience and knowledge. The final product that Duncan provided is an effective tool that will serve to focus our efforts as we move forward.
— Megan Krohn; Water Caucus Program Manager at Manitoba Eco-Network
Duncan is an extremely professional and well-connected consultant. We worked with him to initiate an outreach campaign for our emerging programs at the Lake Winnipeg Foundation, and to produce a strategic communications report. Duncan’s report served to align and advance our organizational messaging. His guidance in campaign development connected us to key media key media outlets, strengthened our partnerships, and positioned LWF for future success.
— Alexis Kanu; Executive Director at Lake Winnipeg Foundation
Duncan is extremely knowledgeable about wildlife habitat conservation in Canada and the US. He has helped advance concepts like ecological goods and services and sustainability through his communications efforts at Ducks Unlimited Canada and within The Creative Bullpen. He is very professional and will be a great asset to any project he takes on.
— Cynthia Kallio Edwards; Science Coordinator at Gulf Coast Prairie LCC
The Watershed Evaluation of Beneficial Management Practices (WEBs) program (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) hired Duncan to conduct an evaluation of the effectiveness of the program’s outreach efforts. Duncan was enthusiastic and professional throughout the period of the contract. Duncan’s knowledge about strategic communications was a real asset. He produced a report that program staff (and likely some of our colleagues as well) will refer to when developing communications products and conducting other outreach activities in the future. His insights, conclusions and recommendations will help us effectively target our outreach to our external audiences in a way that resonates with them.
— Valerie Stuart; Science Program Analyst at AAFC - Science and Technology Branch