The agricultural industry is now in a critical period where communicating the foundations of agricultural production to non-agricultural audiences is even more paramount. Market forces seem intent on embracing key buzz words that most of society can relate to, yet don’t really understand. As a society, we often take the conservation ethic of farmers for granted and, as a result, the public good that producers deliver via cleaner air, cleaner water or soil conservation is not properly represented - or trumpeted- to many crucial audiences. Yet, farmers and ranchers are the people that live on the land, their lives depend on healthy and productive lands. At the same time, the world depends on these producers to ensure there is food on the global table. It may therefore be time to adapt the tone of the messaging from continued focus on traditional audiences to include non-traditional audiences and to really drill down and key in on the environment and sustainable agricultural practices. Farmers do a significant amount of good for our world, there’s an urgent need to get that core message out there.
— Duncan Morrison

Past/Current Clients:

  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada 
  • Manitoba Forage and Grasslands Association
  • Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiative
  • Brandon University Rural Development Institute
  • Canadian Forage and Grasslands Association
  • Farm Business Communications